QuickBooks Training

Testimonials: QuickBooks USA Version

"Learnt new things in online (comparing desktop version) budget , reporting , financials , BRS etc "

Dinesh Trikha- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"As I am using QB System in my current job it will help me to do my current job, It will help me to do my work in effective and efficient manner "

Kiran- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Yes,learn new software in online version. How to use and how to prepare/ make general entry, budgeting, report etc. "

Dilshad Gani- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Online quickbook is now easy to identify the vendor whom you have paid. "

Deepak Mahour- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"We can do also budget here and insert information create own required information."

Runa Laila- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Program is very useful. We get real time data, MIS etc. This training is useful for our coming up gradation. "

B Ramesh Babu- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Completely except tax part. "

Rakesh Srivastav- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Have good feature in new software for budget, expenditure, sale, balance sheet. "

Santhosh Kumar- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"As I am using QB System in my current job it will help me to do my current job, It will help me to do my work in effective and efficient manner. The best thing is that I have got the knowledge from really great knowledgeable expert. From whom we have learned use of supported online QB version and able to overcome problems of previous version "

Ananna sarker- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Much related while online using will be in implemented. "

Md Raihan Sadaat- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"For starters, the inputs are very useful."and also "Faculty is very helpful and was attending to one to one basis. "

Sandhya- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Quick book traning is very useful for time saving and other things. "

Vijay Srivastava- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"The tranining is very useful. "

Sumeet Kumar patra- Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"Yes, meet the objective partially we have to learn and explore more on QBO as per our work environment. "

Sachin Srivastava - Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"This is 2nd time I am attending quickbooks training from cosmic. Earlier we were trained on Quickbooks desktop now we are switching to Quickbooks online."

Ms.Kavita Kandel of Cimmyt India, New Delhi

"The QuickBooks training given to us excellent."

Faizan Khan of Thameslink Info Sol

"The QuickBooks training provided was very useful and beyond our expectation."

Yusuf Athar Khan

"The Training provided was detailed enough to understand and serve our client in a very efficient way."

Salim Athar Khan

"I found it really useful . It has cleared all my doubts in using Quick books US version."

Ms.Ritu Kathuria of International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) NEW DELIHI

"In this programme I found new functionality in Quickbooks and is very helpful in working in my company."

Mr.Sumit Sadana of International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) NEW DELIHI

" It has met my expectation in learning Quickbooks facts in a detailed way and will help in implementing same in my work."

MS.Sinjini Mitra of International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) NEW DELIHI

"The training provided helped in understanding quick books in consolidated company reports and working remotely.The training period should have-been more than 3 days."

Mr.Madhur Goel - Easy click technology Inc

"10 days comprehensive Quickbooks training has given us professional touch to work on Quickbooks.It will fulfill the job requirement as assigned from World Bank."

Abdul Rahman Behrooz- Finance Manager Da Afghanistan Bank, DAB ( CENTRAL BANK)

"10 days comprehensive Quickbooks training has given us professional touch to work on Quickbooks.We did undergo Quickbooks training in Afghanistan but the training at cosmic was very practical and professional."

Abdul Satar Ghafoori- Finance Assistant-Da Afghanistan Bank, DAB ( CENTRAL BANK)

"Detailed training knowledge very helpful in my existing role."

Geetha H N- Senior Manager, Operations and Finance- Prism Networks Pvt. Ltd.

"In depth knowledge provided in QuickBooks."

Bharath kumar- Sr. Finance Executive

"The training has given me confidence in working on Quickbooks 2015 and will help in my professional field to achive my goal."


"I got practical knowledge in simple way."

Pradeep, Mumbai

"10 days training in Quick books premier 2014 has really helped me to understand quick books in depth and my travel from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore has a real value."

Husham Abdul Hamid-Abu Dhabi

"I have learnt lot of new things in Quick books premier 2014 which will help me in my career. I am very much impressed about this programme and this training will make me to do better job in my career."


"100% Practical training and knowledgeable trainer on Quick books ."

Sagar Ruparelia

"The Input received in the training was very useful in my professional life in using Quick books more user friendly."

Kajal Bansal - The Miracle Foundation (USA)

" I have attended 3 days online training of Quickbooks 2014 it has given much detail sabout QuickBooks 2014 version and shortcuts ."

Hitesh R -New-Delhi

" The quick books training will be very use full in my accounting career after attending 3 days training. ."


" I liked the dedication of the trainer in training in Quickbooks training and the inputs obtained has met 100% of it's purpose ."

Ramakrishnan g

" It will assist me to grab knowledge in QuickBooks working. This will provide opportunity to work in US, Canada and Dubai ."

Mr.Dinesh Raj kumar - Chennai

" Very useful training in Quick books 2014- Premier version of Quick books. I find training in Batch entry, Memorizing transactions, Standardized reports and preferences very useful ."

Mr.Dinesh- Cimmyt India, New Delhi


" Training in Quick books 2014 has helped in saving my time in my Bookkeeping activity. ."

Ms.Kavitha -Cimmyt International, Kathmandu, Nepal


" The training in Quick books 2014 premier updated my knowledge in Quick books about various reports and other parts of Quick books has been explored by me. ."

Mr.Abhishek Gupta-Cimmyt India


" I am new to Quick books and the training has helped me to get started on my work in Quick books with my company which is a US based NGO. ."

Mr.Binaya Parajuli-Cimmyt International, Kathmandu, Nepal


" Quickbooks training helped me to understand better usage of the software after attending training here and I really liked topic wise explaination and Hand out provided to refer at later stage ."

- Mr.Madhusudhan Reddy


" After attending quickbooks training it has become very easy to maintain books of accoutnts in Quickbooks software. ."



" My next job is fully related to Quickbooks and after attending 10 days training here in cosmic I have confidence in handling my job effectively. I will be flying to Dubai. ."

Mr.Yunus, Kerala


" The training programme was very easy to understand, user friendly and it will help me in implementing the same in my company which has branch office in USA ."

Ms.Clara, Chennai


"The training in QuickBooks 2013 was pretty much useful, set-up was good. Faculties took pain to clear all my doubts and find solutions."

Neetha, Pune


"The training was very good and very useful. The faculties' practical knowledge in working with CPA firms has added value to my learning."

Mr.Udai Narang, New Delhi


"22 days of quickbooks training has helped us to get in depth subject knowledge making our Accounting and Reporting work easier."



"22 days Quickbooks training helps a lot to our organization in every aspect and field of maintaining Books of accounts for our US subsidiary."

Mr.K.Ravi Kumar


"In this 22 days of Quickbooks training I got lot of practical exposure so that I can implement in my company."



"It is very helpful to gain overall QuickBooks accounting procures and US accounting methodologies."

Mr.B.R.Murthy, Symphony services, Hyderabad


"Got good knowledge about customers, vendors & Banking in QuickBooks. This program is very helpful for my job."

Mr.Suyog Gokul Pawar (Engineering Graduates)


"Got good knowledge about quickbooks, it was very useful for my job and all the objectives were explained clean."

Mr.Nitin Ramesh Jadhav (Engineering Graduates)


"The training is given by different trainers who have shared their real working experience on Quickbooks which has helped a lot in understanding the software."

Mr.Dawajan Ahmadzai


"Very practical approach in training on Quickbooks."

Mr.Nanda kumar , Hyderabad


"Training was very helpful good faculty ,cleared all my doubts and questions."

Mr.P.Chadra Sekar


"Quickbooks training of 10 days has helped me a lot in my plan to relocate to US with my ambition of becoming a CPA. Trainers have given me pratical knowledge about the Quickbooks which will help me in my future career plan."

Tushar Parekh, Gujrat


"Found training very practical oriented and useful to build my career in US accounting indusrty. I hope it will help me to build my career in USA.."



"Found training very practical oriented and useful to build my career in accounting indusrty. Thankyou"



"It is very much useful due to sharing of practical experience by the team in quickbook citing live examples."

Vikash Kabra, Kolkata


"It is very much useful due to sharing of practical experience by the team and Good co-operation & excelent feedback by the team in case of any query."

Shradha Chandak, Kolkata

"Found training very practical oriented and useful to build my career in US accounting indusrty. I hope it will help me to build my career in USA."

Ashalatha.R., Chennai

"I find QB is very useful for our Indian economy not only for commercial activities even for industrial activity where Inventory control is very essential."

C.S. Nateshan

"The inputs which were obtained in the training was very much useful for me while working with QB, Because of I haven't been through such inputs before. I have an opportunity to work on Quickbooks 2011 latest version of Quickbooks."

Kwnah Mishra

"I am confident now I can do it my own ofter completing this class. T thank you to give this opportunity to build my future in QuickBooks and Accounting in QB."

Narayanaswamy M G

"Most of the elaborated featus available in one screen best thing in QB. Programs have very friendly and my career objective of working in Kabul was met successfully. "


"Very Practical approach and helped me to work on Quickbooks premier 2010 successfully."


"Most of the elaborated featus available in one screen – best thing in QB. Programs have very friendly . "

- More Prashant Chandrakant

"The training was useful with how to use concept that will help in using the Quick Books more efficiently. "

- Sanjay Palaskar

"The training was useful. I came to know about various things in Quick Books, which we were not using. "

- Nitin M. Bakare

"User friendly, It is an intelligent accounting software and meets requirement of small and medium business. Reporting is great."

- Harsha Srivastava, Medusind Solutions India Pvt Ltd

"The training was very useful. The further benefits I can analyse when I start implementing it in operation."

- Aseem Vivek Abhayankar, Aurangabad

"It provides the complete structure in AR and AP. All parameters in the software has been explained by the faculty and it will help me to find suitable job abroad."

- V. Gopinath, Pondicherry

"Training was Very much useful. We can implement it as per our job reqiurement."

- Swati Damle, Medusind Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

"It is useful for maintaining financial accounts and reports. The software is user friendly and menu driven."

- Prakash Kanitkar, Medusind Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

"It has helped me to grow my career in this field. Before joining this course I had less knowledge about Quickbooks, but after attending this course I find working on Quickbooks at my ease."

- Lokesh kumar .R, TTK services, Bangalore

"Very useful, elaborate details covered in the package".

- C. Ashwathnarayana, Ramesh Rao & Co., Bangalore.

"Very useful, customized to meet our requirements."

- Jamyang Choda, Yangphel Adventure Travels, Kingdom of Bhutan.

"The reconcilation, maintaining vehicle mileage, time sheet for workers and report centre would be very important."

- Yeshey Chendup, Yangphel Adventure Travels, Kingdom of Bhutan.

"The presentation was excellent and the program content was very useful. I am now able to work on Quickbooks with multicurrencies environment."


"The program gave me an overall picture of the Quickbooks & it was definitely useful for me.All the topics were covered in a planned manner."


"The inputs obtained in the program was very useful to me and helped me to use the package in my organization. The training was very effective as all the queries posted were cleared on the spot. Congratulations to the team who has given me this training. Looking forward for few more sessions."

- Jikesh T. Baxi, Fakhoury Law Group, PC USA

"The training was good and I really enjoyed it.The faculty knowledge was good and was easily understandable.Will keep you posted if I come across any gap when i start using QB practically."

- Priya Sundaram, BCE Canco Inc CANADA

"This is one of the best classes I have's really wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone using QuickBooks!"

- John K.S

"I am now comfortable doing my job in QuickBooks in my company which has sponsored my training fees and it's a real value addition to my career."

- M/S. Sabre International Ltd.

"This training really frees me up to focus on the strategic aspects of the company...not just the accounting."

-Debrothi Roy

"Very informative; great instructor; excellent integration between general accounting principals and QuickBooks functionality."

-Iteamic Pvt. Ltd.

"I learned LOTS of useful things in this QuickBooks class. The instructor's knowledge was a very good and they answered all my questions."

-Ujwal Management Pvt. Ltd.

"We were very fortunate to find QuickBook Training in Bangalore. Their training helped me in working on a weekly basis with my daily sales entries, payroll, A/P, generating checks to vendors, and printing monthly reports, such as profit and loss, and cash flow."

-Mr. Yash sharma, Financial Analyst, New Delhi.