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QuickBooks India Training: 2 days : QBO

Set up the QuickBooks & Create the Company
Company Setting
  • Customizing Look and Fee
  • Sales form Content
  • Products and Services
  • Messages
  • Online Delivery
  • Statements
  • Bills and Expenses
  • Purchase Orders
  • Messages
  • Accounting
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Automation
  • Time Tracking
  • CurrencyOther
  • Preferences

  • Recurring Transactions
  • Product Categories
  • Class
  • Location
  • Payment Methods
  • Terms
  • Attachments

  • Import Data
  • Reconciliation
  • Budgeting
  • Audit Log

+Manage Users
  • Set up Users
  • Invite Accountant

  • Creating the New Customers
  • Invoice
  • Receive Payment
  • Estimate
  • Credit Note
  • Sales Receipt
  • Refund Receipt
  • Delayed Credit
  • Delayed Charge

  • Creating The New Suppliers
  • Expense
  • Cheque
  • Bill
  • Pay Bills
  • Purchase Order
  • Supplier Credit
  • Credit Card Credit
  • Advance Payment

  • Bank Deposit
  • Transfer
  • Journal Entry
  • Statement
  • Inventory Quantity Adjustment

+Online Banking
  • Set up the QuickBooks for Online Banking
  • Show the procedure for adding the transactions

  • Account List
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Transaction Detail By Account
  • Recent Automatic Transactions
  • TDS Payable
  • Transactions List By Date
  • Recurring Template List
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Journal
  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Comparison
  • General Ledger
  • Transaction List with Splits
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Recent Transactions
  • Transactions Without Tax
  • Company Snapshot
  • Expenses by Supplier Summary
  • A/R Ageing Summary
  • A/P Ageing Summary
  • Sales Performance
  • Expenses Performance
  • Company Overview

+Accountant Tools
  • Trial Balance
  • Reclassify the Transactions
  • Voided/Deleted Transactions
  • Write Off Invoices
  • Journal Entries
  • Close Books
  • Reconcile
  • Accountant Reports
  • Reports Tools

Goods and Service Tax

GST is a transparent Tax and also reduce numbers of indirect taxes. With GST implemented a business premises can show the tax applied in the sales invoice. Customer will know exactly how much tax they are paying on the product they bought or services they consumed. GST will not be a cost to registered retailers therefore there will be no hidden taxes and the cost of doing business will be lower. This in turn will help Export being more competitive. GST can also help to diversification of income sources for Government other than income tax and petroleum tax. Under Goods and Services Tax, the tax burden will be divided equally between Manufacturing and services. This can be done through lower tax rate by increase Tax base and reducing exemptions. In GST System bothe Central GST and State GST will be charged on manufacturing cost and will be collected on point of sale. This will benefit people as prices will come down which in turn will help companies as consumption will increase. Biggest benefit will be that multiple taxes like octroi, central sales tax, state sales tax, entry tax, license fees, turnover tax etc will no longer be present and all that will be brought under the GST. Doing Business now will be easier and more comfortable as various hidden taxation will not be present.