What is this training program about?

The program addresses in detail the US Accounting Standards, US Taxation concepts etc. Comprehensive hands-on training on QuickBooks and US taxation concepts and software.

Can i except to experience the software,hands-on?

Yes, you will get to work on the software during the training.

Do I need to have any special skills or knowledge to attend this program?

You should have a sound background of accounting for you to benefit from this training program. Of course, you must be willing to learn more about US accounting processes and the software tools used in USA.

Tell me more about the process of certification?

You will have to attend this training program to get certified by Cosmic, Bangalore (local partners of QB Express USA.This will further equip you to take the QuickBooks Certification program conducted by Intuit, the company that has developed QuickBooks software. QB Express USA is the largest trainer of QuickBooks in the US with around 300 Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) associated with the company. To know more about QB Express USA visit www.kctruby.com/qb.

Will the skills I acquire be relevant in markets other than the US?

The training program covers training on QuickBooks (widely used accounting Software in the US), US Accounting Standards & US Taxation, which are US-centric. Of course, there is also the KPO opportunity you can explore.

Are there any companies in India doing this in accounting?

Sure, there are several companies around. These include some of the best-known names in the Indian IT industry such as E & Y, OPI, E-mphasis, Suprep, Accenture and many more.

How come an IT company is involved in accounting?

Back Office Processing (BOP) or Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is one of the key growth segments in IT today. Across the world, Financial Outsourcing is emerging as a key segment. The key to success in this segment is quality, the reason why we are conducting this training program and insisting on a certification.

How large is the buisness for back office processing that you are talking about?

The financial outsourcing market is around $ 373 billion. According Nasscom, India is estimated to garner a share of more than 10% in this segment

Who will certify after undergoing QuickBooks training?

You will be certified by Intuit which has appointed Real World Training to administer certification cources.

What is this discount in QuickBooks certification?

Those who attend training in cosmic will get 50% discount for certification in Quickbooks. That means instead of paying $199.95 you will be paying just $99.00.